Shot in Soho Photographing love and lawlessness in the hearth of London 2019 - Londres

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During a time of development and change that has the potential to transform the unique character of London's Soho, this book delves into the area's storied past as a place of disobedience and eccentricity. Opening with a look at Soho through the years, this book includes archival images of Suffragettes learning Jiu-jitsu in a Soho gym, Johnny Weissmuller practicing with an underwater dancer at the Marshall Street baths, and John and Ringo preparing for ''The White Album'' at the Trident Recording Studio. The book then presents the work of photographers who have shed light on Soho's many faces through the decades, including Kelvin Brodie, Clancy Gebler Davies, Corinne Day, William Klein, and Anders Petersen. Also featured is a new series of work by young, up-and-coming photographer Daragh Soden, whose images were specially commissioned by The Photographers' Gallery for this project. These streetscapes and portraits are by turns intimate and haunting, visceral and vibrant, nostalgic and provocative. Throughout the volume, texts narrate a social history marked by subculture and controversy. This book captures Soho as a refuge for marginalised, pioneering, and unconventional people.

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